Event 1: Dead Sprint OC

For time, in relay fashion (A then B then C)

   16 deadlifts
   Over the wall
   Over the hay bales
   Over the hurdle
   Finish the run

Deadlift load, scaled: 225/155                                      Deadlift load, RX: 295/195  
Women will use 35# bars
For any athletes who opt OUT of going over the OC wall: 10 burpees in place, then go under the wall.

Scoring: The team’s score is the time it takes for all three athletes to complete the course. In the event that a team does not finish, all incomplete reps will be added to the final time. 9-minute time cap.

16 deadlifts= 16 reps                 Wall= 1 rep                      Hay= 1 rep            Hurdle= 1 rep             Run= 1 rep

Example of a time-capped team score: At the 9:00 cap, team has finished 2 rounds + 10 deadlifts. Incomplete reps = 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 10. Finish time & final score: 9:10.