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You can register your team below. Only ONE person will register the team. Team entry fee is $270. See below for a complete list of information to have when you register.

Note: Last year's podium/winning teams may receive the invitation to pre-register ahead of time.

We have the same policy as the Granite Games, Wodapalooza, Greater Gateway Games, and CrossFit Games. We CANNOT accommodate refunds, but you can add a new teammate to your team if someone on your team steps down from the competition after you've registered your team

Here's the information to have ready when you come to register.

  • Your log-in and password, if YOU have registered for ANY of our previous events (FTME 2017, FTME 2016, Masters', etc)!
    • If our system recognizes your email address as you attempt to register, it'll prompt you for your existing log-in and password. This can slow you down if you don't expect it. So, have your log-in and password READY! 
    • If this is your first time registering for an event with us, the note above doesn't apply to you. 
    • CrossFitters from CF Edwardsville will login to their accounts per usual for event registration.
  • First & Last names of ALL athletes on the team
    • It's okay to put Athlete X if unsure
  • Team Name  
    • Example: Triple Trouble
  • Affiliate Name 
    • Example:  CrossFit St Louis
  • Shirt sizes for ALL members of your team 
    • Example: John- medium, Eric- large, Jason- XL
    • Sizes WILL be gender-specific, not unisex.
    • Be as accurate as possible. Once you've requested a size, you can't change it later.
  • Email addresses for ALL members of your team 
    • Example:,,
    • We'll use the email addresses to send the Event Guide, waivers and other crucial information to your team in advance of the contest. 
    • We will NEVER spam you- we give our word.
  • Credit card: To be charged $270 + processing.
    • Late entry will be $330 per team.


The event-team (Volunteer) signup links will be posted here soon! Check back!